Workshop with Prayasam

In December, 2018, Prayasam- an NGO based in Kolkata invited us to conduct a two day workshop on art and poetry primarily focusing on bringing up various social and emotional […]


In October 2018, Jodi Bolo Rongin organized ‘Kolomkari’ a two-day workshop on writing and art. ‘Kolomkari’ was envisioned as a platform for writers, readers, artists and art lovers where they […]

Jodi Bolo Rongin Live: 2

On the occasion of our first birthday, in August 2017 we organized another live event, using a different space. The event was held at Janhabi Centre for Performing Arts at […]

Young Creators’ Collective

Soon after our first event, on May, 2017 we collaborated with ‘ThinkArts’- an organization facilitating arts events for children and young adults. In this collaborative event our focus was on […]

Jodi Bolo Rongin: Live

This was our first ever offline event. In February 2017 we decided to move from a mere online presence to creating a platform for writers, composers, songwriters, performers creating original […]


  Jodi Bolo Rongin is an arts-for-change venture aimed at addressing social and cultural issues through art and literature. Initiated in 2016 as a Facebook page (sharing daily posts coupling […]