In October 2018, Jodi Bolo Rongin organized ‘Kolomkari’ a two-day workshop on writing and art. ‘Kolomkari’ was envisioned as a platform for writers, readers, artists and art lovers where they can share their original creations with each other. For this event we explored another intimate space in collaboration with Janus Cultural Society.

Day 1: The first day began with the art workshop facilitated by artist Sohini Gupta on behalf of Janus. Participants started listening to a music piece, after which they started painting in a flow with the music. Once they were done, the participants exchanged their paintings randomly. Now, with a given piece of poetry each painter finished the painting they had received according to their interpretations or feelings regarding the poems. Afterwards, the artists discussed their personal journey as well journey through the workshop process.

In the second half Jodi Bolo Rongin began the writing workshop with a similar music piece which prompted the writers to express the feelings evoked by the music through words. Then, few paintings were displayed to which the writers associated some words. Interpolating these words in their writings they created another piece. The participants opened up about emotions, memories stirred through the process of the workshop.

Day 2: On this day writers and artists collaborated and created a combined work on topics given out randomly. Each group of writer and painter then showcased their work in a performance, interacted with each other about their approaches to their craft and discussed their process and journey with the other groups as well.

During the final showcase, poets Srijato and Anuttama Banerjee and artist/dancer Madhuboni Chatterjee were present. Participants were given certificates.

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