From March, 2020 the world experienced a new phenomenon- Coronavirus and the ensuing social distancing and lockdown in its wake. In the face of fear, uncertainty, we sought to rekindle our hopes and remain connected with each other even during these isolating times through art. During the lockdown, we  planned two Facebook Live events in April where participants joined in a Facebook live to sing, dance, recite or read their own poetry much like a live programme. Among the common themes were people’s experiences of living in a lockdown, their attempts at looking at this crisis from various perspectives, expressing their perceptions through art and our understanding of our collective existence in close contact with nature, the various ways we have exploited nature and the consequences we are suffering. People also recounted their experiences of rediscovering nature, exploring both without and within, during the lockdown.

After receiving a great response in the first two events, we organized a live event where we discussed what we thought the post Covid-19 world would look like. From our very own perspectives, we discussed the world as we saw it around us. Issues of the conditions of migrant workers, the shortcomings of our healthcare system, the digital divide and the overall unequal nature of the capitalist structure of our society which has not only been exposed through this worldwide crisis, but also remains present in the way we define productivity- leading many to mental health problems during the lockdown- came up in our discussions.

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