The Millennial Memory Project is an initiative to preserve memories from childhoods lived in the late 90s and early 2000s- that time when we weren’t glued to our smartphones, when we discovered new favourite songs on the radio during carpool rides to school, when we passed slambooks around for our friends to fill, when we’d beg our parents to buy DVDs or VCDs when we wanted to watch a movie at home, when you had faith in ‘FLAME’ to tell you if your crush liked you back, and when life seemed simpler, slower and happier. Pictures and musings about of your old household appliances, pages from your diaries, old letters, newspapers, favourite verandahs, nooks and corners will make the Millennial Memory Project . As we move ahead into a new decade, we want to pay ode to a different time- the time that made us who we are.

The project may be found under the #themillenialmemoryproject on Facebook: